Exchange programme with Japan

Sixteen students from BAT/IB from our school spent nine days in Japan consolidating the exchange programme started last year with the Canadian Academy in Kobe. They stayed with host families, who opened their homes to allow our students to experience different cultures. During the experience, they spent a day in school where the host students prepared activities like folding Origami cranes, making rice balls or learning basic Japanese. The IB CAS department also organized a traditional tea ceremony to deepen the students' understanding of Japanese culture. After the weekend they also did trips to Hiroshima, Osaka and Kyoto, experienced an earthquake and spent a night sleeping on a tatami floor wearing traditional pyjamas. This has been a very positive and enriching experience for both schools’ students and is one of the many ways in which EIC promotes Internationalization, together with an expanding list of exchange partners, Special Days and a rich language programme. 


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The attached files contain an article about the Escola Internacional del Camp published in "El Vallenc" and "Més Ebre" advertisement. Escola Internacional