EIC successful Baccalaureate results 2020

Our largest cohort of students to date scored our best ever International Baccalaureate (IB) and Selectivitat grades this summer in spite of the pandemic and disruption to academic life.

In IB, students scored close to their target grades across the whole group, and those targets were ambitious and in Selectivitat, there were some high access grades too. This meant that they were all able to secure places at their first choice universities in Spain, the Netherlands, the UK and after a gap year, one will head for the USA.

It gives us great satisfaction that not only our most academic students, but also those who had a much harder task to achieve places in universities and business schools, were able to select the right course and be accepted. 

Some of our students are working online to start their Bachelor's degree, others are face to face on campus, and courses include Physics, Business Administration, Graphic Design, Motorsport Engineering, Marketing and Sports Management, Engineering and Management as well as other Technical, Computing and Scientific disciplines. This year's group was more strongly scientific - technical - business oriented than creative & social sciences, and we see quite big variations in interest from year to year. 

For the record, our first EIC Baccalaureate students have now finished their degrees and some have already completed master's degrees and soon we will have our first EIC Doctorate!

From this year we have two classes reaching BAT/IB2 for the first time, and we have started the guidance process for 2021 in the absence of university fairs and visits, so we will be using online events and meetings to help our students define their future pathways. Good luck all!

Featured News
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The EIC University Fair, which has been held for five years, has had to take a break this year due to COVID-19 measures. To support to students in their future planning, the school has organized a variety of talks and guidance workshops for students from ESO 3 to Baccalaureate 2. ESO3 students will take part in the activity “Towards the Baccalaureate and beyond” and will also be able to listen to...